So you got a dog? And you need some great dog care tips to help you keep you and your dog happy!

Feeding and Watering

Feeding and watering your dog is very important. You need to make sure that you don’t give your dog too much food, but you don’t want to give her too little food either. A dog should always have access to fresh, clean water.

Housing and Beds

Every dog need to have a warm, comfortable, clean bed to lay down in. If your dog will be spending anytime outside, it is important that he has a welcoming home that will protect him from bad weather. When choosing the proper home, think about what kind of weather the house should protect him from? Direct sun? Rain? Snow?


All dogs love and need exercise. So give it to them! Everyone has heard about taking dogs for walks. This can be a fun way for you and your dog to get exercise. But sometimes, us kids aren’t in the mood to go on walks. So why not play a game with your dog instead? There are a lot of games you and your dog can play. Games can give exercise to your dog’s body and also give exercise to your dogs mind. Games also help teach your dog obedience.


One of the most important things you can do for your dog is give it some obedience training. It is important that your dog knows that you are the boss. If your dog thinks that he can boss you around, you will have a lot of problems. An untrained dog can be dangerous to you, your family, and friends. You will be happy if your dog does not chew up your bike tire. You will be glad if your dog comes when she is called and doesn’t run away. Your dog will be happy too, because she will love making you happy and she will know her proper place in the family.

Health and the Vet

Is your dog sick? Does it need to go in for a check-up? Is she up-to-date on all her vaccinations? Taking good care of your dog’s health needs will help your best friend live a long and happy life. Find a good vet that loves animals and is good at explaining how you can take care of your puppy.

Heat and Breeding

If your girl dog is not “fixed,” she will go into heat about every 6 months. If you are not planning on having up puppies, you should make sure she has no contact with any boy dogs. She will have to wear a diaper in the house and when she goes outside, you will have to keep her close to you and on a leash. If your family is planning on breeding your dog, make sure that all the dogs are health checked and that both dogs have a kind and gentle personality.

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