It’s dog games for kids time! Dogs like games and us kids like games. What a perfect combo!

Games to Play with Your Dog

These are games that you get to include your dog in the fun.

Outside Games

Dogs love to be outside. Outside is a great place to play with your dog. You can really get your dog running – and you don’t have to worry about indoor problems like breaking your mom’s lamp. We’re playing outside!! Ya hoo!! There’s is a lot we can play outside. From games with balls, to running, and more! There are all sorts of things you can do outside.

Inside Games

Sometimes it’s too cold or too rainy to play with your dog outside – but don’t worry! There are a lot of fun things you can do with your dog inside. Dogs like exercising their minds not just their bodies. Inside is the perfect place for a dog to exercise their minds. So, let’s play a game!

Dog Games You Can Play By Yourself or with Friends

These are games that you don’t need a real dog for – but they all about dogs and include dogs. They are fun for us kids.

Dog Video Games

There are a lot of video games available for dog-loving kids. There are dog apps, dog computer games, and dog video games. There are games that teach you how to take care of a dog, games where you get to be a dog, and games that are just plain fun and sometimes silly.

Dog Party Games

Have you ever thought of throwing a dog party? Maybe you want a dog themed birthday party? Or maybe you’re throwing a party for your dog’s birthday! Whatever you’re doing, dog parties are always fun. Pick your favorite games for the best party ever.

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Dog Board Games

Ready for some dog fun with your friends? Play a board game! Some games are silly fun and other games require strategy. If you’re not in the mood to be competitive, there are also puzzles. Dog puzzles!

Dog Crafts

Let’s make some crafts! You can make really fun dog crafts! There are some crafts you can make that your dog would enjoy…like a name sign for his house or above his bed. There are also some crafts that are great for kids to enjoy…like a dog collar for your stuffed dogs. So get those creative juices going and let’s create something awesome!

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