I have some great Golden Retriever puppy coloring pages for you! 

Check out these cute coloring pages and find one that you like best! I think they’re all super cute. Some are realistic and some are cartoon.

After you choose a picture to color, just click on it. Then you can easily print it. I hope you have as much fun coloring these pages as I do!

Golden Retriever Puppy Coloring Pages

I love this picture of this Golden Retriever pup who is ready to play.

Here’s a cute picture of a Golden Retriever mom taking care of her 6 little puppies.

Here’s a cute Golden playing in the grass! You better watch out…he’s ready for some fun!

Here’s a little puppy lying in the grass. He’s resting from playing so hard with some kids.

I love this picture of this pup running outside. I imagine that he’s chasing after a mouse.

Here’s a cute picture of a Golden Retriever dad and puppy. They’re resting in the shade together.

Golden Retriever Puppies Are Great!

I love coloring Golden Retriever puppies because I have one! She’s gentle, but a lot of fun. I love hanging out with her and I love coloring pictures of her breed. Do you have a Golden?

It’s fun to color a puppy picture and hang it in my bedroom.

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dogs. They are also one of the smartest dog breeds. Their smarts come in handy for us kids because we can teach them a lot of tricks.

Because they are so smart, Golden Retrievers are used for all sorts of different jobs.

One of the jobs they’re used for is to search and rescue people. They’re great at this job because they have a good sense of smell. 

Another job they have is being a therapy dog. They’re great at this job because they love people.

Golden Retrievers are also great because they not only love people, they also like other animals. Goldens can even get a long with cats!

Goldens are a popular dog in movies and on TV. They’re good at this job because they are easy to train.

I think that the best job a Golden Retriever can do though is be a great pet dog for kids.

I just love coloring pages of Golden Retriever puppies. I could color them all day long!

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