When you love dogs as much as I do, you want to know how to draw a dog!

Dog faces, dog bodies – they’re all fun to draw. Follow these easy step by step guides to help you draw the best dog – whether you’re a beginner or more advanced.

Easy – Step by Step – How to Draw a Dog

This is my favorite dog face to draw. I made this drawing up and I draw this face a lot. I could probably draw this dog face with my eyes closed! You can draw it too in 10 Easy Steps.

Step 1

Draw a slanted line down.

Step 2

From the bottom of your slanted line, draw a straight lying down (horizontal) line.

Step 3

From the top of your slanted line, draw a shorter straight lying down (horizontal) line.

Step 4

Draw a slanted line going from the top line down. It should not touching the bottom line.

Step 5

Draw a curved line to form the neck.

Step 6

Draw 2 Cs on the neck to form the collar.

Step 7

Connect the 2 Cs together to complete the collar. Erase the neck lines in the collar.

Step 8

Draw a large skinny U from the top and back of the head and going down below the bottom of the the head to form the ear. Erase the line in the middle of the ear.

Step 9

Draw a big circle for the nose.

Step 10

Draw a circle for the eye.

Well done! You did it!

I hope you liked it! Have you ever invented your own dog face drawing? I’d love to see it!

My Dog Drawings

I love making up new dogs to draw. I love to doodle and create new dogs. Sometimes I just draw faces, sometimes I draw the whole dog. I like to make each dog look different and have its own personality.

I come up with my ideas in all different ways. Sometimes I have an idea about what I want the dog to look like. Sometimes I start out and I have no idea what it will turn out to be. I just start drawing and see what comes out.

It’s a good idea to draw in pencil. When you draw in pencil, it is easy to fix mistakes and change the lines you have made. After I get a drawing that I like. I sometimes go back over that drawing in black pen or black marker. This really makes the drawing stand out and also prevents it from getting erased by accident!

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